Summer Stripes

Hello all! I hope your week is going well so far! Before recently, I would have said that my go-to pattern is plaid of florals. I've never been a big stripes or polka dots girl although they occasionally popped up in my wardrobe. Lately though, it seems like all I wear is stripes...I've already worn them for three other blog posts just this month (here, here, and here) and I'm even wearing stripes right now as I write this! 

So let's talk about this is not my typical style because I normally stay away from shift dresses. Sometimes they work for me, but a lot of times they make me feel self-conscious. Anyways, whenever I go shopping, if I don't understand how something will fit or am just confused by a piece, I always try it on, just to see how it will look. 

This dress was one of those pieces. I picked it up completely confused how a shift dress with no slit that hit below your knees was supposed to work. Of course, I spoke way too soon about this dress and ended up buying it that day. Let me explain, the dress has some stitching in the torso that is almost like a fit and flare without the flare. So the dress is extremely comfortable and also very flattering.

While I've definitely been having some body-image issues as of late, this dress was a great cure to my issues and looked perfect with my new favorite neon necklace! Until next time, XO

Necklace: J.Crew; Dress: J.Crew...they are already sold out, but this one is similar; Shoes: Aerin, similar here; Purse: Vintage Coach, similar here; Watch: Omega; Glasses: The View on Elm

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