60s Inspired Style

Hello all! My outfits are normally not directly influenced by movies, people, or other things I've seen. However, once I'm dressed and out the door, I sometimes feel like I just walked off a certain movie set and forgot to take off my costume. Earlier this year, I got that feeling with this Mad Men-esque outfit. Today, I felt like Alicia Vikander in Man from Uncle. First of all, I love that movie. It gives me costume envy every time I watch it! Secondly I love Alicia so I was not upset about channeling her. There is just something about a turtleneck, mini skirt, and tall boots that is very 60s to me! Anyways, this skirt is a newer addition to my wardrobe and it is just perfect for fall because I can easily pair all of my turtlenecks with it! XO 

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