The Perfect Tartan Piece

Do you ever have that feeling when you are in a store? When you just see something and know it will look wonderful on you and you basically fall in love immediately? That is typically how I am when I shop. I know what will look good on me and I am immediately drawn to certain things when I walk in a store. I live firmly under the philosophy that if I don't absolutely love it in the store, I will not grow to love it over time. 
This dress was no exception. I saw it and fell in love. Fell in love in the type of way that I wanted it right then. Outfit ideas were already formulating in my mind and I was already obsessed. Thankfully, they had my size and the tartan colors worked perfectly with my coloring. 
Finding that perfect outfit piece can be very difficult, but the key is stick to your gut. Walk into a store and see what speaks to you. I know that is cliche but most of the time, your natural instincts will know where to direct you. Until next time,

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