Making Summery Pink Work for Winter

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you had any snow, like us, you were able to enjoy it. With my current jobs, I have to be working professional everyday, although I can be pretty creative with colors and accessories. With that said though, I don't have the space or the money to have a completely separate wardrobe for each season. So I have to make pieces work for multiple seasons. I really don't mind this though because I get to wear my favorite pieces year round and it encourages me to be very creative with my wardrobe. 
This skirt for example, is one of my favorite summer skirts. It is my favorite color and the cut is so cute! I definitely didn't want to give it up for winter and thankfully I haven't had to. Throw on a button-down and tights and it looks just as cute as it does with a blouse in the summer. Everyone always asks me with outfits like this how I came up with it. And the honest answer is a lot of it is chance. With this outfit, I had the skirt, shoes, and top all set. But I was still freezing so I just started trying on different sweaters and this one turned out to be perfect. Sometimes you really don't know how things will look together until you try it! Until next time,

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