Looking Back and Thinking About What's Next

Hello all! It is that time of year where you start to think about the past year and what's to come in the next one. For me, 2017 has probably been the craziest year I've ever had filled with incredible highs and really crappy lows. I went from deciding to move to London for my master's to completely scrambling with no idea what to do. But as usual, the universe worked its magic and I was able to find a great position as a gallery curator here in Greensboro. My new job has been challenging in ways I never expected, but has been an incredible experience. I still miss my old job and my co-workers every day, but life happens and sometimes you have to move on. 
With my new job, I've been finding new artists, installing exhibitions, promoting exhibitions, and selling art. It has definitely been challenging, but you can read all about my my exhibitions here. In addition to my regular 9-5 job, I have also been busy writing an art blog on my own, selling baked goods, and selling clothes. And as if that wasn't enough, I am now also apply to graduate school. 
If 2018 is anything like 2017, it will be crazy and hectic, but also amazing and full of new experiences and opportunities. Until next time...