Burgundy and Cheetah

Burgundy is one of my all time favorite colors to wear. It is always hard to lighten it up in the summer, but fall is just perfect for burgundy no matter what you wear it with. The main reason I started wearing burgundy is that it looks good with my dark hair and pale skin. But it is really great for anyone trying to make their outfit feel more fall appropriate. This top for example, is not very heavy but the color makes it feel appropriate for fall. I really needed a dark color as well to go under this light, cheetah print coat. This coat is definitely going to be my new go-to this fall and winter. First of all it's cheetah print so I am already obsessed. But, what really got me is the detailing in the back. From the front, this is just a classic coat, but the ruched detail in the back gives the cut of a coat a more flattering, feminine look. Plus, did I mention it has pockets?! Already in love! Have a fabulous Thursday and don't forget to come by Swoozie's in Friendly Center in Greensboro tonight to see me and get some great deals at their anniversary sale! Until next time, XO 

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