Big Little Lies Review

  So, as I mentioned quite a while ago, I have been reading Big Little Lies. It took me a while to get through it, not because it wasn't interesting, but because I have been so busy. I can definitely say that if I had had the time, I would have sat down and read it in one sitting. The book is easy to read while also being suspenseful and well written. The chapters are short, which makes it go fast and Moriarty divides the chapters up with excerpts from police interviews. I love this technique because it builds the suspense and I love the jumps from past to present. It gives you just enough information that you have questions, but not the answers. 

Ok from here on out, I'm talking about the end of the book so if you don't want spoilers, stop reading now! But if you have read to the end, I'd love to hear what you thought! Also, if you want to read the book and then give me your thoughts, you can pick the book up here

Ok so wow, that ending. Normally, I'm pretty good about guessing plot twists and with this one, I kind of guessed part of it. My mom and I were talking about the book a little over the month ago. She had already finished it so I was asking her opening ended questions and trying to guess the big plot twist. One of the questions I asked her was whether Jane had met Perry because I thought if they hadn't met, then he had to be Saxon Banks. I also kind of thought he would be the one to die because no one else would have made sense. However, I definitely didn't see the thing with Bonnie coming and I had no idea about the twins. Moral of the story is that I was pleasantly surprised and I think she handled the ending perfectly. Now, I can't wait to start the tv show! 

What did you guys think of the book? Did you guess the ending? Until next time, XO. 

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