How I Organize My Closet

Hello all! Happy Saturday! As promised, I am going to talk about another part of my apartment today. This is arguably my favorite part of the closet! Although it doesn't look very big, my old closet you couldn't walk in and I was definitely limited when it came to floor space and visibility. I am very much a visual person when it comes to my clothes, and if I don't see something, I won't wear it or think to pair it together. I love how in my new closet I can see all of my summer clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses all at the same time! 

Because I am a little limited when it comes to space, I needed to be organized about everything. So all of my winter stuff is in stored in my bedroom and all of my summer stuff is out. I then color coded everything. Sometimes you don't realize that you have four pairs of nude shoes until they are all sitting right next to each other. Color coding your clothes is great for seeing what you have a lot of or not enough of and also seeing how different colors look together. 

As you can see, my hangers are hanging in different directions. I read about this trick years ago and it is the best organizing tip! At the beginning of the season, turn all of your hangers in one direction. Then, every time you wear something, change the direction. At the end of the season, you can easily tell what clothes you haven't worn and what you might need to purge. I don't necessarily use this to purge my closet, but rather to help me be aware if I'm wearing something too often or maybe if I need to wear something more. 

So, that is my closet! Sadly, I'm not going to be able to link everything, but if you want to know more about a certain piece, just email me or comment! More apartment reveals next Saturday and stay tuned for some fun outfits this week! Until next time, XO

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