Behind the Scenes of an Outfit Post

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hello all! Today's post is going to be a little different then usual as we are going to talk about the behind the scenes for my photo shoots. Obviously the main part of this blog is the outfits and the styles, but without the photos, the blog would be very boring. So, here is everything that goes into a blog photo shoot with me! 

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First thing to know, because I get this question a lot, I don't post an outfit unless I have worn it all day and still like it when I get home. I want the outfit to be functional, but also make me feel fabulous all day. With that said, a lot of times, my photos are taken when I get home, at dinner, at lunch, or saved for a day when I have more time. You have probably noticed that a lot of my pictures have a similar background. That is because they are around my house. I try to vary it up when I go places, but sometimes that just isn't feasible. One thing I am looking forward to with my new apartment is having access to new locations. For me, I like to vary the background when I can, but I don't want too much going on because that distracts from the outfit. Sidewalks, sides of buildings, and landscaping typically make really great backdrops so that is always what I am on the search for.

2017, OOTD, personal, J.Crew, summer, stripes, statement earrings,

Other than location, I am also looking for lighting. Because I am so pale and my hair is so dark, sunlight is not my friend. I need a little shade so I am not washed out. This limits me in the summer because the middle of the day isn't going to produce good photos. Honestly, overcast days are the best. There isn't too much sun, but there is enough natural light that I don't have to use flash. Flash is not my friend. It makes me look like a ghost, ha. But, typically finding a little shade isn't too hard and it helps me mix up my locations. 

2017, OOTD, personal, J.Crew, summer, stripes, statement earrings,

Right now, my favorite time to take pictures is around 7:30 pm. Then, I miss the direct sunlight but there is still tons of natural light. The hardest time is during the winter. It gets dark so fast that I have to take pictures any time I possibly can. For me, the key to getting good photos is just experimenting and taking as many pictures as possible. For each post, I try and have four or five pictures, but I probably took about 30. You are never going to get the perfect shot the first time so give yourself a chance to mess up and find the right picture. It also never hurts to have good camera equipment. Light is a great resource and I would seriously consider checking them out for more mobile camera options.

2017, OOTD, personal, J.Crew, summer, stripes, statement earrings,

I'm not going to lie, by far the hardest thing for me is posing. I feel so awkward normally and never know what to do with my hands. My only advice is just to practice. See what feels awkward and what feels natural. Moving always helps for me and have your photographer talk to you. You can always tell genuine happiness. I will try and post more behind the scenes post in the future and as always, I'd love your comments! Until next time, XO. 

Earrings: J.Crew; Top: J.Crew; Glasses: The View on Elm; Watch: Omega; Jeans: JBrand; Shoes: J.Crew; Purse: Kate Spade.


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