What I'm Up To

Watching...Spotlight- I know I'm a little behind, but I haven't had the chance to sit down and really devote my energy to a movie in so long! Well, I finally found the time and I watched Spotlight. Before you ask, yes, of course it's on Netflix and you should go watch it immediately. It was absolutely incredible and I didn't reach for the distraction of my phone the entire. Quite a feat I must say! 

Listening to...new Harry Styles- His first solo single since One Direction, Sign of the Times is now available and trust me, it is different from everything else playing on the radio right now. He also premiered a new song on Saturday Night Live. What do y'all think about his new sound?

Reading...Wait for Me! by Deborah Mitford- I just recently got on this Mitford sisters kick and bought a bunch of books about them. This is the first one I've had time to pick-up and it is so interesting! Part auto-biography and part biography of the rest of the sisters, hearing about the family and their lives from the youngest sister's perspective is fascinating.

Until next time and don't forget to leave recommendations in the comments below! XO 

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