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Hello all and happy Monday! As promised, I have some big things coming up on the blog this week so make sure to stay tuned all week! Today, we are starting a new series that I will be posting on Mondays about what I am up to entertainment wise. I will be covering what movies/ TV shows, books, and music I have been keeping up with lately.

So, let's jump right in! While in Rome, I had access to some different movies through Italian Netflix and I was finally able to watch The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. I know, I'm only four years behind, but it was awesome! I loved what they did with it and the costumes were absolutely incredible. It has had me dreaming of the 1920s ever since. I want to reread the book now too! What did y'all think of the movie? 

Book-wise, as you know, my best friend Kate and I have a bookclub and we just started a new book! We both were excited about starting this book and neither of us have been able to put it down. The book is called Victoria and there is a new show on PBS based on this specific book. It starts right when Victoria is becoming queen and the author has done a great job so far of being engaging and also including a lot of historical information. 

If you've seen any of our top tens here on Lefty Living Life, you will know that I love music and recently have been very excited about The Chainsmokers. Closer and Paris have been on repeat on my Spotify for a while. Last week, The Chainsmokers came out with their first album and I love it. I have been listening to it non-stop and would definitely recommend it. It is different from a lot of their previous collaborations, but still new and fun. 

I would love suggestions for books, movies, music, and tv shows. So, if you have any ideas, make sure to comment or email me directly! Until next time, XO

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