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As I mentioned during my Rome recap, the main reason I wanted to visit Rome this time was to see an art exhibition. I have glossed over my passion for art in the past, but I think it's about time I really talked about it. In May, when I graduated from Wake, I graduated with a degree in art history after writing my thesis on two artists from the 16th and 17th century. I now work in an auction house with aspiration of working in the art world in the future- more to come about this on Friday! To say I love art would be an understatement to say the least. 
2017, OOTD, travel, personal, art, Rome,
Outside my favorite art museum, the Borghese Gallery
But what doest this have to do with an art exhibition in Rome? Because that is a long flight for one art exhibition! Well, this particular art exhibition was looking in depth at one of the artists I wrote my thesis on! Her name is Artemisia Gentileschi and she was an amazing artist. In my thesis, I was looking at four of her works in particular and I was able to see all four in this exhibition in Rome! 
2017, OOTD, travel, personal, art, Rome,
Seeing a work from my thesis by Caravaggio
While in Rome, I was able to see one of my other favorite artists, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and a multitude of paintings that influenced my thesis. All in all, the whole trip was one of those moments where your school world and the real world collide and all of your studies and hard work make sense. Definitely more on Artemisia and art in general in the future! Until next time, XO 

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