Top 10: My Winter Essentials

Winter can sometimes be difficult to get through, but it doesn't have to be! Here are my 10 essentials for surviving winter no matter what comes my way.

1. With my long commute this winter, having a way to keep my tea warm for the whole drive and at work has been vital. I absolutely love my yeti. I thought they were a little overrated at first, but it keeps my tea boiling from when I make it through my entire hour commute. When I get to work, my tea is normally still too hot to drink! I couldn't ask for a better container.

2. Although I love black tea, I am a little limited because I can't drink caffeine. However, my best friend and my boyfriend have made sure I am well-stocked with decaf black tea. Right now, I am rotating between these four and they are all delicious! Sangria ZingerEarl GreyChaiGolden Dragon

3. So I love tea and loose leaf tea and it can be hard to find cute infusers that can be easily transported. This was a gift and I am obsessed with it. I love sloths and this little guy is so cute hanging off my mug every morning!

4. The perfect companion for my tea drinking is a good book. I just started this one and it is so interesting! I love the Mitfords and I am so excited for this book.

5. Hopefully, everyone knows by now that I love turtlenecks and that are definitely one of my essentials this winter. If you are confused, you should check out our Turtleneck Thursday series! Here is last week's installment if you missed it.

6. I have always been against puffer coats because they make me think of the Michelin Man, but I finally caved and got one this year. The final thing that pushed me over the edge is that they are supposed to be so much warmer than other coats. Let me tell you, it definitely is! This coat is noticeably warmer than my peacoat the the belt prevents the Michelin Man quality.

7. Other than being cold, my other winter struggle is my hands. They have terrible circulation and get dry really easily. These tech-friendly gloves have been a lifesaver when I'm walking around because they keep my hands warm without limiting my phone access.

8. My other necessity is my hand lotion. This stuff is a little expensive, but lasts forever and makes my hands feel so nice. I've been using this for years and cannot say enough good things about it.

9. For me, staying warm is all about layering. Sure you can buy a warm sweater, but you will be even warmer with a vest or something else on top of your sweater! This vest is one of the staples in my wardrobe. It looks cute by itself on top of a cute shirt or layered under a jacket.

10. The final key for staying warm? A blanket scarf. It is the perfect final addition to any outfit and I actually use mine as a blanket at work and in restaurants. If you are cold natured, a blanket scarf is key. You can thank me later. Until next time! XO

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