SAG Awards Red Carpet

Hello all! Another award show, another red carpet and last night at the SAG Awards was no exception! There were some really interesting looks and here are my favorites! 

Earlier this month, Evan Rachel Wood said she was only going to wear suits this year on the red carpet and if she keeps wearing ones like this, I can't wait! She looks incredible in a suit and they are always tailored to a T. I love this blue velvet look too! 

Kirsten Dunst has never really been on my radar, but I love this simple silhouette and layered necklace. This is also an outfit that I can see myself wearing if I was ever on the red carpet. 

I am so glad that Michelle Dockery is back on the red carpet. She is always one of my favorite people to watch. I love this look because it is simple silhouette, but the colors are so bold, especially for the red carpet when people normally stick to blue, red, and neutrals. Also, great choice by her to keep her hair and jewelry simple. 

Taraji P. Henson stole the show last night if you ask me. Her acceptance speech was emotional and poignant and she looked incredible. Although this dress is a little revealing for my taste, it does an excellent job of juxtaposing a girly princess with a more scandalous look. Not something I would wear, but that does not mean it is not an incredibly beautiful dress. 

I adore Viola Davis and she looked stunning. Sometimes a simple dress is the answer, especially when it is cut right. This is the perfect example. Viola didn't need to do anything else to look flawless. This is what a classy red carpet look is all about. 

Well, those are my favorites! What did you guys think? Any thoughts? Until next time, XO! 

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