Graphic Winter White

Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017, winter, OOTD, graphic, winter white,

2017, winter, OOTD, graphic, winter white,

2017, winter, OOTD, graphic, winter white,

Hello! I'm sorry I was so incognito this week! We were crazy busy at work and I've been sick- definitely not a good combo, but I'm back now! I hope you had an easier week then me.
So, as I've mentioned a few times this winter, I've been working on practicing what I preach and wearing more white after Labor Day i.e. winter white. It has been so fun experimenting especially now that I have this white skirt. However, I know that experimenting isn't for everyone, so I've been brainstorming ways to make winter whites easier and more accessible. This outfit, for example, is incredibly easy to replicate because a white skirt and a black shirt is an easy and timeless combination. Now, a white base is also perfect for a sweater that feels too dark with a black or navy base. Take this sweater...with a black skirt or jeans, it looks washed out and boring. I've been struggling to find a cute way to wear it for months. But the white from the skirt really makes the pattern pop. For me, the key with winter white is to use it as an accent piece instead of another neutral. 
Don't be afraid to try it and if you are nervous, start easy with a black shirt (perfect time for a turtleneck!) and a statement necklace. Until next time, XO. 


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