What 2 Wear: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is all about my two favorite things- food and family. I am especially excited this year because my diet was severely limited last year so I couldn't eat any of the delicious food. Rest assured, this year I will be partaking in all of the Thanksgiving activities including going into a food coma after dinner! 
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where it can be hard to decide what to wear because you want to be comfortable when you eat all of that food, but also look cute. So with our first What to Wear series, here are three different ideas for what to wear to dinner today.

Our first look is all about being comfortable at a casual Thanksgiving dinner. This look is simple, but very cute with just enough sparkles for me. This sweater is one of my favorites because of the ruffled sleeves. They are the perfect unexpected detail on an otherwise simple sweater. They are also perfect for eating a lot because they will stay out of your way while you are eating! When it comes to a casual Thanksgiving dinner or really any event where the main entertainment is eating, you don't want to be wearing a lot of bracelets or a long necklace that will interfere with you eating! 

Our second look today is also about comfort especially when you want to maintain the comfort, but need to dress up a little more. 

I love this outfit because it is so cute, but you are wearing a sweatshirt! The sweatshirt makes it warm but also incredibly comfortable. If you are planning on eating a lot, but still want to wear a skirt, don't wear a tight bandage skirt with something tucked in. You will be miserable the entire time. Instead opt for a looser, but still tailored mini skirt with a button-down and sweater over top. No need to tuck it in, but you will still look cute. Add a little extra pop with a necklace, but be careful about the length! You don't want your necklace dragging through your gravy! 

Our last look today is actually what I wore for Thanksgiving last year, hence the #TBT picture above! But as much as I hate repeating outfits, this is one of my favorite outfits of all times so no regrets about repeating this one! This is by far the best kind of dress to wear on Thanksgiving if you ask me. It is fitted enough to still be flattering, but has a lot of flare so you have room to eat all of the turkey you want! Plus it has pockets! I love wearing a turtleneck under a dress because it gives me that extra layer of warmth I always need and I don't have to worry about a sweater! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I would love to hear all about it! XO 

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