Woman Crush Wednesday: Olivia Palermo

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I don't really believe in style icons or copying other people's style just because I think style is a reflection of you and your own personality. So I don't necessarily have style icons. However, I do have people who I admire because of their great style. Number 1 on my list? Olivia Palermo. I never watched The City which was how she became well known. I heard about her originally on one of the blogs I read probably four or five years ago. Since then, I have followed her style through her website and online. It also helps that she loves lace, fur, and lots of layers...just like me! 
What I love about Olivia is she's not afraid to take risks and she knows what looks good on her body. I think a lot of people struggle with fashion because they prioritize trends over their own body shape .Even if its trendy, if it doesn't look good on you, it doesn't look good on you. I love that Olivia is able to maintain her own style while also wearing clothes that are flattering and trendy. Here are some of my favorite looks and make sure to check out Olivia's website. If you want more pictures, I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to her! XO 

WCW: Olivia Palermo

I love the masculine shapes and then the little touch of lace. 

WCW: Olivia Palermo

This sleeveless jacket is just incredible! 

WCW: Olivia Palermo

I have dreams about this is so beautiful! 

WCW: Olivia Palermo

I love the chunky sweater and heels with the flouncy mini skirt

WCW: Olivia Palermo

Look who else loves winter whites! 


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