Ruffles and Leather

Today was my first real day of work and it kind of felt like the first day of school all over again. Whenever I am nervous about a situation or going into a new situation, I always buy a new outfit or at least a new piece so my outfit can be new and exciting. That always gives me the confidence to deal with whatever situation I am going into. 
I am not going to lie, for some reason I was really nervous going into my job today for some reason. I already knew all of the people and was comfortable there, but sometimes you can't control my nerves. 
However, the one thing that made today easier was feeling good about my new outfit. You might recognize this skirt because I have the same one in black. The black one has been such a great staple for me, but it is a little big right now. So when I saw that J.Crew came back with it this summer in burgundy, I couldn't help myself! Thank you J.Crew! XO 

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