Pastel Details

One of my favorite things about pastels is that they are so easy to match with each other. Mixing pale pink, lavender, and mint all together in one outfit is no problem because they all look so good together! It is the perfect way to spice up an outfit with subtle details and pops of color. If you want to use pastels as your accent pieces, I would recommend having little bits of them against a dark background like navy or black. Of course, like anything else, too many colors or patterns can make your outfit too busy. But if you add little moments of color like the mint stripe on this cardigan or the pink shoes, you can have a lot of color without your outfit being too overwhelming. 

You might have noticed that you haven't seen my shoes before. That is because they are brand new! I just got them from Cole Haan and I am obviously obsessed. If the pale pink wasn't enough to make you love them, you will adore them once you feel how comfortable they are! They are definitely going to be a stable in my wardrobe for the rest of this summer and into fall. XO

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