One LBD, two ways

I think we can all agree that I wear a lot of statement pieces, and for some, it can be very difficult to integrate those pieces into their everyday wardrobe. But for me, statement pieces are my comfort zone. Give me a big bold necklace and mixed patterns any day over a plain black dress. For some reason I always struggle with simpler basics. So, whenever I do have a simpler piece, I try and make distinct outfits with it using my accessories. 
I really love this dress because it is incredibly comfortable and is made of thicker fabric so even though it's short, I don't get as cold when wearing it. The button details are great, but have been very difficult for me because it is almost impossible to wear a necklace that won't interfere with the buttons! My worst nightmare! Accessory-wise, necklace is already out because of the buttons. I also wouldn't wear heels with it because it is already a little short for me. So of course, I first decided to go with statement earrings and shoes. Cheetah is such an easy statement piece to wear because it is made up of neutral colors so it goes with almost everything. Outfit one, check! 
Outfit two randomly came together as I was reading an article about Olivia Palermo. We will talk about her more here in the future, but she is one my style icons and somehow always finds a way to look fabulous wearing flats. The article suggested wearing a button-down under a black dress with flats. I was a little skeptical because normally wearing a button-down with flats makes my outfit a little more masculine than I would like. But then I remembered this dress and it seemed perfect for this experiment! And it totally was! Hello preppy school girl uniform with a twist! I'm not going to lie, this might be my new aesthetic for fall :) 
I would love to hear y'all's opinions about these two outfits and if you have any more ideas about how to wear this dress! XO

P.S. isn't my new camera strap awesome?! Natalie gave it to me! Thanks Natalie :) 
P.P.S. Click on the pictures below to find the links for everything I'm wearing

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