70s Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have always been a love of mine and this brightly geometric, billowing 70s silhouette is no exception. I love jumpsuits not only because they are easy to wear and super comfortable, but also because they are a statement piece all in themselves. Not very many people are willing to wear a jumpsuit so wearing one at all sets you apart. However, they are also great to wear with fun jewelry, chunky heels, or a sweater. I love the versatility a jumpsuit allows and the fun outfits you can create wearing one. 
For me, the hardest part about wearing a jumpsuit is finding shoes to wear with it so the pant legs don't drag against the ground. These heels were the perfect addition to the outfit today because they also have a 70s vibe which fit so well with the jumpsuit. With all of the pattern, I didn't need a chunky necklace so this pearl strand was perfect. The hat was the perfect final addition to give this look a fun, summer vibe. XO 

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