Pool Side Style

I think every girl has experienced insecurity about wearing a bathing suit or being at the pool at one point in life. I definitely have and it can be really difficult to have fun at the pool when you feel self-conscious about what you are wearing. I mean every morning when I get up, my goal is to wear something that makes me feel incredible and beautiful. So why not do the same thing when going to the pool? I am not a super boho girl and I will never be comfortable wearing a skimpy bikini so I'm not going to. This last time when I went bathing suit shopping, I was required to get a one-piece because my scars from surgery still can't be exposed to too much sunlight. But I discovered that I love one-piece bathing suits and this one specifically has this old-school Hollywood glamour feel which I am obsessed with! 
Cover-ups are always the hardest thing for me because options are always limited. This one is from Michael Stars and I got it in my summer box of style from Rachel Zoe (which is incredible and you should check out here!) Anyways, it also has that old-school glamour feel so walking into the pool last weekend I felt like I had just walked off a 60s movie set...confidence, check! Mission accomplished! XO 

P.S. If you have any ideas for what to wear to the pool or comments, please leave them below or email me at leftylivinglife@gmail.com! 

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