Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! The 4th is always a difficult holiday for me to dress for because I have little interest in wearing stars and stripes, but I still want to be patriotic for the bbq or party that I am going to. So instead of wearing obviously patriotic clothes, I try and incorporate red, blue, and white into whatever I am wearing that day. Now I don't wear very much if any red so this purse is perfect for the 4th as it adds that little extra color that makes the outfit patriotic instead of just blue and white. Another key is shoes. Most 4th of July activities are outside on grass so stilettos are a no go. But sometimes a little heel is necessary for whatever event you are attending. These wedges are perfect because you won't sink in the grass and if the grass is wet, the patent leather will keep the wet from showing or ruining your shoes. I hope y'all have a wonderful Independence day! 

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