Blue Stripes

After all of the red, white, and blue from 4th of July, I haven't been able to help but keep up the color palette this past week. It has been especially easy with this red bag because any blue outfit I wear with it is automatically patriotic. So if you are trying to find an easy statement piece or an extra pop of red for your next holiday, I would definitely recommend a red purse. 
Another thing...when I came downstairs wearing this outfit, my mom gave me a double take and asked why I was wearing so much white and mixing blue and black (from the necklace). First of all, blue and black are one of my favorite color combinations because the black makes the blue pop more than it normally would. Second that for any color pairing and white. Even though the shirt is blue and white, the white shorts make the blue stripes stand out instead of the white ones! XO 

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