Top Tony's Looks

So as many of you probably know, last night was the Tony Awards and while I didn't have time to actually watch the awards, I did have time to  scope out the red carpet and there were some pretty cool looks! Here are my favorites. I would love to hear yours! XO 

 Allison Williams is always on my radar when it comes to red carpet style because she normally does something classic with a fun twist. This white suit for example has a classic feel but is also very modern and chic, which I love!
 Although I am really bad about keeping things simple and understated, I love how Claire Danes is able to make this outfit look so chic and effortless. A plus Claire Danes!
 I adore James Corden, but I normally look to him for laughs, not fashion. However, last night his suit was on point. I absolutely love the color and it was so nice to see something other than a black tux for a change!
I love Lucy Liu's style because she always does something unexpected. I like her dress, but what really made this outfit for me was her clutch, which was the perfect contrasting color and really brought everything together.

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