Exploring D.C.

Homemade poptarts! 
The awesome bookstore

Julia's Kitchen
Hello from D.C.! It has been a crazy fun adventure so far filled with museums, good food, and lots of walking. Some of my favorite things so far have been exploring Eastern Market, visiting the National Gallery of Art, and seeing Julia Child's kitchen. I had never been to Eastern Market before and outdoor markets are one of my favorite things so I had a ball. Plus we went to this incredible book store that was a total fire hazard but was such a quirky hole in the wall. The National Gallery was obviously amazing. There were so many incredible works and I fan girled over art the entire time. A dream day for me! Finally, today we went to the Museum of American History where they have Julia Child's kitchen. Julia was obviously an awesome cook, but she also personalized her kitchen. She was very tall so she had everything raised to make things easier for her, which I thing is one of the coolest things. I have always loved Julia and my mom and her are the main reasons I wanted to be a chef for so long. I also love that she personalized her kitchen. The kitchen is one of the main places that I notice my left-handedness and I would love to personalize my kitchen so it is left-handed. Maybe one day! XO

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