The Season of the Hats

Hello my dear friends! I hope all is well. All is good here, although it was freezing today. Temperature wise it wasn't that bad, but the sun never came out and it just felt so cold! However, that is great for my new urges to wear hats every day. Thank goodness I had added to my hat collection recently. Moral of the story, expect to see lots of hat this winter! 
In other news, I have some very exciting news for y'all...Lefty Living Life now has an app! It is completely free and is another awesome way for you to keep up with Lefty and all of my fun adventures if you don't already subscribe to our weekly newsletter (you should still subscribe because the newsletters are extra fun every week!). Just go to the app story and search Lefty Living Life, I'm the only thing that comes up! Lots more exciting things going on this year so stay tuned. Also notice today that I didn't wear pink or sequins- quite an accomplishment for me :) XO

P.S. the scarf is from Zara and is one of my favorite things because I use it as a blanket as soon as I sit down. It wouldn't go into the widget so here is the link!

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