Shades of Blue

Hello all! I was not joking when I said it was winter here! Yesterday it didn't even get above freezing, which for North Carolina is pretty cold. But I stayed pretty warm in my winter gear. My coat is the same one from last year and is one of my favorite things in my closet. It has a bunch of pockets, is easy to layer under, and is super warm- perfect for walking to class or going to work. My gloves are brand new, Mom gave them to me for Christmas. My hands are always cold, but they are very small so I have always had a hard time finding gloves to fit me. These are perfect. I love the bright blue too because it adds that awesome pop of color to my very dark winter wardrobe. My trusty pink purse also helped with the lack of color :) I can never get it to work with the widget, so here is the link...I would highly recommend it. I mean y'all see how often I use it! How are y'all surviving in the cold? XO 

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