Golden Globes

As you have probably heard by now if you didn't watch them, the Golden Globes were last night. I love watching award shows or at least the recap the next day because the fashion is normally so incredible and diverse. To tell you the truth, I was not very impressed with last night's styles. Everyone looked stunning, but there was a bit too much cleavage. It also felt like a lot of people wore similar silhouettes and not very many stood out. Below are my favorite outfits that did stand out to me! What did y'all think? Anyone I should have included? XO
I have loved Bryce Dallas Howard since The Help and she was incredible in Jurassic World. I love this dress, but what I love even more is how upfront Howard was about buying the dress at Neiman Marcus because they had more options for size 6s. Love the honest and she looked amazing. 

Emmy Rossum could probably wear a potato sack and still look beautiful, but this is the perfect example of understated elegance. She didn't try too hard or have an extravagant dress, but she still looks stunning...nicely done! 

Jennifer Lawrence is one of my idols. She is so real and honest and has a great sense of style. I love this dress. It's unique and modern, but still elegant and classy- the perfect combination. 

I almost didn't recognize Lady Gaga without the meat suit, but she is someone else who toned it down and classed it up. I wouldn't change anything! 

I wasn't a huge fan of Taraji P. Henson's dress on the runway, but when she went up the stair to receive her award, the fabric in the back flowed out and created this beautiful cape/ train combination that was to die for! 

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