Friday Top 10

Of course, as soon as I decide to post a certain thing every Tuesday I also schedule five hours of classes that day. Moral of the top 10 lists are going to shift around as necessary, so you will just have to keep checking back to see when I post it! So with that, here is this week's top 10!

1. I love food movies and Chocolat might be my favorite one. First of all Johnny Depp...need I say more? Plus they are in France and the main food is chocolate. Basically three of my favorite things!

2. As you know, I am an art history major and I love art. Currently, I am taking a modern art class and we just started talking about Matisse who is one of my favorite artists of all time! Here are some of my favorite works by him...

3. My favorite type of candy other than chocolate are gummies and I recently discovered a candy website that has the most adorable looking candies I have ever seen! I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I can't wait to try the champagne bears for my birthday! 

4. My new music obsession, Andra Day and her song Rise Up

5. If you don't already read Lena Dunham's biweekly newsletter, Lenny, you should. The writing is incredible and they cover some very interesting issues. 

6. For Christmas, Natalie signed up for this service called Olive Box. Every month they send you different and unique stationary. I have only received a month so far, but already I am excited! My two cards from January were so cute (I already used both of them) and I can't wait to continue to nurture my snail mail addiction! 

7. I have always loved the Fitzgerald's, but really knew nothing about them. I just finished this incredible book though called Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. After reading it, I kind of hate F. Scott, but it was so interesting a different from the usual point of view. 

8. One Direction released their newest video this week and not only do I love them, but it is also one of my favorite songs on the album!

9. My most recent binge watch on Netflix? Death in Paradise. A British, fun, cop favorite thing and totally worth it! 

10. J.Crew just launched its first sunglasses collection and  I can barely contain my excitement!!! I will definitely be looking into these this weekend :) 

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