Black and White at the Coast

We moved from the rain forest to the coast yesterday and it is absolutely stunning! We have our own patio in the room, which as you can tell I have already taken advantage of! We had never been in the Pacific Ocean before and it is so much warmer than I was expecting. I should have known, but the beach is beautiful and so relaxing...I'm so exciting to spend our last couple of days here. 
It was an interesting transition from the rain forest to the beach because Costa Rica is not a very large country and in four hours, we were able to drive from 70 degrees and overcast with 100% humidity to high 80s/ low 90s and sunny with no humidity. When I was trying to pack for this trip, it was a little difficult to pack to say the least. However, this shirt has been perfect because it is loose so there is plenty of circulation in the heat, but also very easy to layer under a cardigan. 
I am starting to get excited for winter though. Apparently it is cooling off at home finally and I can't wait to wear my vests and faux fur again! XO

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