Tuesday Top 10

Today has been a little hectic with packing, cleaning my apartment, and driving home. But I am finally back and so excited for the Thanksgiving holiday. This week's top 10  is a little article heavy because I've read so interesting articles in the past couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy them and I would love to hear your comments! XO

1. Madewell's fall/winter line was shot in Rome and the pictures are stunning. Especially after living in Rome, I love seeing pictures of places I recognize plus the Madewell collection is awesome :) Here are some of my favorite shots.

2. Taylor Swift performed at the Grammy Museum a couple of weeks and her performance was awesome! Watch it below

3. As you know, I love sequins and a friend sent me this article on the history of sequins a few days ago. No surprise, I fan-girled the entire time. 

4. If you haven't already heard it, Adele's CD, 25, came out this week. It is just as incredible as everyone is saying so go listen to it. I'm listening to it right now! 

5. Olivia Palermo is one of my style icons. For me, a style icon is someone who has incredible style that I don't necessarily want to copy, but who inspires me to experiment with my own style. For me, that is Olivia Palermo and I read a very interesting article on her this week. 

6. I always have a pair of headphones in my bag and they are always tangled. Finally, I think my dad was annoyed with all of my complaining and gave me a cord taco to keep my headphones untangled. Not gonna lie, I'm obsessed with my cord taco and I feel cooler just saying cord taco :) 

7. Last article, I promise. If you don't already read the Man Repeller, I would really recommend it. Leandra is hilarious and not afraid to say what she things. In this article, she very poignantly describes how people feel when they are writing an Instagram caption. Read, laugh, enjoy

8. The AMA's were Sunday and while I wasn't able to watch them, I caught up on the styles yesterday. My three favorite looks? Zendaya and her hot pink shoes, Ashley Benson in her forest green suit, and One Direction who just looked incredible. 

9. It is finally Thanksgiving break, which I am excited about because I have a break from class, but I'm also very excited because Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! These is just something about Thanksgiving that I love and look forward to every year. 

10. If you didn't already know, J.Crew is having a huge sale right now, so go check that out. But while I was looking through the sale, I found these awesome pajamas that I can't wait to wear this winter! 

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