Tuesday Top 10

Typical college student life- I had a huge test this morning, so Monday Top 10 obviously didn't happen yesterday. But better late than never right?! Plus Tuesday Top 10 is more fun to say than Monday so I might permanently switch to Tuesdays. I hope y'all had a great weekend, I certainly did and some of the highlights on this list! XO

1. I am a huge Kate Spade fan. Their stuff is always adorable and is great quality. Recently they released their newest collection- Kate Spade Home. It is incredible to say the least and the promotional photos are beautiful. Here are some of the highlights!
Kate Spade, home decor

kate spade, home decor

kate spade, home decor, polka dots, puppy

kate spade, home decor, polka dots

2. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, which is normally looked over in favor of Christmas. To remedy this, I am not going to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving and I am also sending out Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards! I will post pictures of the final product once I decide on the design, but Paperless Post has some great physical as well as virtual cards for Thanksgiving, if you are interested. 

3. Chocolate and peanut butter is by far my favorite flavor combination and I am obsessed with Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I am just warning you now, they are addictive so prepare yourself :) 

4. This weekend, I was in Chicago for the first time for the BlogHer 2015 Food Conference. First of all, it was an incredible conference and I learned so much about blogging in general, not just food. But, Chicago might be my new favorite city. It was beautiful and so interesting! I can't wait to go back. 

5. While in Chicago, I tried deep-dish pizza for the first time. I don't understand while all pizza isn't like Chicago pizza. It was so good! Check out my Instagram for pictures! 

6. In Chicago, I met so many bloggers with incredible blogs, however, the most exciting part might have been the final keynote speaker, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I wasn't expecting very much because I knew absolutely nothing about her other than the fact that she was Buffy. However, she was inspiration and her new food venture is very cool. Check it out here.

7. This past week was the CMAs and surprisingly, my favorite part was Justin Timberlake, not the country music. It is definitely worth it to watch his whole performance. 

8. If you are in the mood for videos, you should also watch the new Kate Spade Miss Adventure video. I love their videos almost as much as their purses and this one is no exception! 

9. Lately, I've been trying to expand my beauty routine by incorporating new lip colors. I just recently discovered Nars Lip Crayons and they are my absolute favorite lipsticks! They are easy to apply and come in a bunch of colors. Best part about them- the color stays on forever. 

10. Final Kate Spade thing I promise. These sparkly shoes are my new addiction. They are comfy, sparkly, and bonus, water proof. Basically the perfect shoes. Did I mention they are on sale? 

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