Thanksgiving and Mixing Patterns

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I didn't post yesterday seeing as it was family time and everything, but a Thanksgiving post is necessary seeing as it is my favorite holiday and all. To answer your question, no, I don't know why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is one of those loves that has grown over time and now I am obsessed with Thanksgiving. Every year, I annoy my family by refusing to decorate or even discuss Christmas until Black Friday arrives. I make them decorate for Thanksgiving and even bought a Thanksgiving sweatshirt this year...I have been wearing it for the past week and it has turkeys and says gobble on it. Of course now that it is after Thanksgiving, I am currently listening to Mariah Carey Christmas music :)
Anyways, I am absolutely obsessed with this dress! I saw it for the time in Anthropologie early this summer and waited all summer for it to go on sale. It has been sitting in my closet for weeks waiting for the perfect occasion and my favorite holiday seemed like a wonderful time to pull it out. I hope you are enjoying your Black Friday shopping! XO

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