Leather and Lace

It is always harder to wear certain things if they have a weird connotation. Take leather shorts for example. My immediate reaction is leather booty shorts that are probably extremely inappropriate. But these are leather shorts. And they aren't inappropriate! So how do you wear them? I think the key is to keep in mind that stereotype so you don't fall into it, but then just do what you want. My philosophy when it comes to fashion is to wear what you like and what makes you happy. No matter what is in style or what everyone else is wearing. So that is what I did and here is the Taylor take on Leather Shorts! XO
So I will also be doing a new thing every post. At the bottom, before the links, there is going to be a fun fact of some kind so y'all can get to know me. Feel free to tell me your fun facts in the comments! 
Fun Fact of the Day: I love wrinkly dogs especially ones for smashed faces. For examples, check out my Pinterest page

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