VMAs and the Other Taylor

As you have probably heard, the VMAs were last night and it was nothing if not drama filled! Besides all of the drama though, there were also some incredible outfits. If you did not already know this about me, I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. It all started with her first song because we both have the same name and I decided us Taylors needed to stick together which in this case meant I supported her unconditionally. As she has grown from a country sweetheart to a pop star and influential, incredible woman, my love and support for her has only grown. And last night was kind of the pinnacle. She arrived with her #girlsquad who all looked incredible. Plus, she released her newest music video, Wildest Dreams. The video is beautifully shot and has incredible fashion of its own. Here are my favorite outfits from last night as well as the video. What did y'all think about the show and fashion? XO
Cara Delevingne has always been one of my favorite people on the red carpet because she always looks incredible, but also like she could not care less. 

I love this jumpsuit that Hailee Seinfeld was wearing! With that covered top, this feels so futuristic but also like a 70s  throwback. 

Taylor Swift and her squad

So her pants kind of look like my roommates sweatpants, but she also looks awesome and I adore her shoes! 

This is Tori Kelly...if you haven't heard her music, go listen because she is so talented and I loved the mini shorts and lace detail.