Outfits of a Single Blogger- Polka Dots and Pineapple

Hello everyone! I hope y'all have had an excellent week so far :) I always find mixing patterns difficult, but I think 90% of the problem is all in my head. I think mixing things together is going to be hard, so it is. However, mixing patterns can be so easy! I think the easiest way to rock this trend without looking crazy is keeping your color palette all within the same family. If you are going to wear something with pink polka dots, keep your color palette in the pink family and maybe add one more color, but don't do too much. I love mixing neutral patterns because it feels like you have more freedom. The great think about neutrals is that they normally look good together so you don't have to worry as much about clashing. Instead, you can worry about having fun and rocking those patterns! XO