Atlanta Food Truck Festival

I was really excited about my fries :)

Food trucks have not really caught on at home yet, but here in Atlanta, they are extremely popular. At work, we have different food trucks every Friday and I have tried everything from gyros and crab cake sandwiches to a couple different types of mac and cheese because there is a food truck devoted solely to mac and cheese! This weekend, a bunch of food trucks lined up in Piedmont Park for a food truck festival. It was nothing short of amazing! The time my friend Laura and I went to a street festival, we went to this incredible food truck, The Fry Guy, that specializes in gourmet Belgian street fries. So we were on a mission to find it again yesterday. Of course we did, and it was delicious. I had Parmesan truffle fries and they were out of this world- a must try if you are ever in Atlanta. We ended our excursion with King of Pop peach Popsicles. All in all, a fun and food filled day! XO