Summer Safari

I adore hats, but I have also struggled finding something to wear with them, but I think I have finally figured out the answer. You just have to commit. Forget about the hat hair or if you will be the only one in a ten mile radius wearing a hat. Just commit to one. Admit that you look awesome and everyone giving you the side eye is just jealous. Hats are one of those things like patterned jumpsuits or crop tops. Once you've decided you love them and you look great, nothing else matters. So go out this weekend and rock your hats with confidence. XO 

Hat: Originally from Anthropologie, but I think I like this one even better because of the wider brim, Sunglasses: The View on Elm, Necklace 1 and 2 (yes it's actually two): I got both of these from J.Crew on sale and was just messing around but found out they are almost exactly the same length! I love wearing them together and it adds a little more fun. I couldn't find the exact ones, but here are three similar ones...1, 2, 3, Top: Similar here but mine has ruffles, Shorts: Similar in safari-esque nature here and similar cut here, Shoes: I love these shoes to spice up an outfit!, Bag: Similar here, Bangles: Chloe and Isabel, Bracelets: Lily and Laura, Watch: Similar here