Kentucky Derby 2015

Three of my beautiful best friends, Peyton, Laura, and McKenzie

Me and Peyton with the cute Derby cup from this year

First year for mint juleps! 

All of my family color coordinated and forgot to tell me :)

My super tall, beautiful sister Natalie

Me and my best friend McKenzie 

Hello all! Happy Summer! Exams are finally over and I once again have time to take pictures of outfits and talk to you lovely people! As you may or may not know, the Kentucky Derby takes place every year on the first Saturday in May. My family is originally from Kentucky and since they have moved to North Carolina, they have had a party almost ever year. This tradition has become one of my favorite family things every year and this year was even more exciting because some of my friends from school were able to come! There will be new posts coming soon and I have some exciting news to tell y'all later this week! XO 

Glasses: As always, from The View on Elm, Dress: My mom has recently become a part of this program called stitch fix that sends you personalized clothes every month. This dress was part of her first order and she didn't like it, but I love it! I also have a similar one from Anthropologie, Cardigan: Similar here, Necklaces: Pearls, Tassels, State, Shoes: The perfect pair of cute, but not necessarily casual sandals i.e. Jack Rogers, Purse: I got the best deal on this bag from the Anthropologie sale room so I would check there first (it's no longer online). However, this one is also very cute and shiny! Arm Candy: Bangle, Bangle, Wrap Bracelet, Cuff, Watch