"I'm the bus driver, I know these things"

While in Missouri, Katie and I went to a high school basketball game because her cousin is one of the coaches. It was the semifinals of the state championship so it was very competitive and Katie and I really got into the game. We were yelling at the refs and cheering every time our team scored. An older gentleman was sitting in front of us and he was clearly connected with the team in some way because he knew everyone's name and jumped up and down after we scored. After one really exciting play that ended in our team scoring, the gentleman turned around to Katie and me. He pointed at the boy who had just scored and said "See that young man? He's really good and he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm their bus driver, I know these things." Then he winked at us before turning around and returning to his seat. Katie and I just looked at each other and laughed as we cheered for our team who went on to win the game.

Glasses: The View on Elm, Necklace: Anthropologie, Shirt: Originally from Madewell...similar sleeveless version here, Cardigan: J.Crew, Scarf: My parents brought me this scarf back from Lake Como, Italy, Jeans: AGs I borrowed from my mom :), Shoes: Nordstrom