Winter Wonderland

Hello fabulous readers! Our promised winter and snow has finally arrived and with it my fashion mojo. I always go through lulls in my style where its just too cold or I'm not motivated to doing anything other than throwing on a boyfriend sweater and boots. However, my mojo is back! The style juices are flowing, I'm all over pinterest, and I've started writing fashion articles again! What do you do if you get into a fashion lull? Any ideas for how to get out of it next time? I hope y'all are enjoying your wintry weather and everyone is safe! XO

Coat: I had been lusting over this coat from J.Crew and I finally got it for Christmas! I love J.Crew's coats because they are good quality, will last forever, and they are so timelessly chic. I've been wearing this one everyday and completely neglecting all of my other winter weather gear! Glasses: As you probably already know, I work at a glass boutique whenever I am home from school and I am obsessed with glasses. My boss actually designed these frames for me and I'm in love. They are so subtle and girly, but they still spice up all of my outfits. Scarf: This scarf makes me think old-world glamour. I put it on and immediately feel like a movie star and it adds that extra edge to any outfit. Anthropologie no longer has it online, but here are two similar options... here and here, Sweater: I love this color block sweater because its still "trendy" but also a great staple piece, Button-down: A great button-down because I can wear it under sweaters in the winter, but with a skirt or shorts in the summer. Thank you J.Crew! Jeans: My absolute favorite pair of jeans from JBrand. I actually have two pairs of these so I can alternate days, but they are the perfect pants because they are high-waisted and dark wash which makes them look good with any outfit, Boots: My absolute favorite boots! They are already starting to wear out after my London adventures and wearing them everyday. But they are so comfortable and cute I can't stop wearing them, Socks: My feet are always cold so I buy a lot of heavy duty socks. I like these ones from J.Crew because they are a little cuter than hiking socks, but just as warm, Bag: I adore this bag! It's so snarky and fun! It's fun Kate Spade, but they no longer have the style. However, check out their other bags especially the ones on sale for some fun statement pieces. I especially love this one, Jewelry: I love the Lily and Laura bracelets because they add a little pop of color to my otherwise neutral bracelets. Gorjana is a great option for simple metal jewelry that normally has a fun twist. I love my Carpe Diem bracelet! Most of my jewelry is older and things I have accumulated over the years. However, I found similar things to all of them on BaubleBar who is also having a bracelet sale right now!! Anyways, here is what I have...pearl cuff, gold cuff, studded bracelet, chain, and bangle. This Kate Spade watch is more like a bracelet than a watch! I am actually wearing two necklaces, but here are two option that look like my combination in one piece! Here and here