Back to school, back to blogging

Hello all! As this new semester starts, I am hoping to start back regularly blogging. We will see how it goes, but if you have any suggestions for posts or anything you would like to see on here, I would love to hear your suggestions! 
In other news, the Golden Globes was this past Sunday and there were some fabulous outfits! My favorite outfits are always ones that I would wear, but also ones that reflect the people wearing them and are a risk in some way. This year, my favorite people's outfits were Kelly Osborne, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dakota Johnson, Diane Kruger, and Emma Stone. Diane Kruger and Emma Stone are almost always one my best dressed lists because they have amazing style that is not only a risk and fashionable, but also looks amazing on them. Kelly Osborne had this FABULOUS purple/navy dress that I absolutely adore, Maggie Gyllenhaal was simple but stunning, and Dakota Johnson pulled out all of the stops with sparkles! What were some of your favorites? XO 
Dakota Johnson rocking the sparkles 

Diane Kruger looking flawless as usual

Emma Stone showing that pants are definitely acceptable on the red carpet

Kelly Osborne was simple but stunning

Maggie Gyllenhaal has enviable style to say the least :)