Movie Marathon Weekend

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This weekend my mom was away at running camp so it was just me, my sister, and my Dad. The perfect entertainment for Father/Daughters weekend is a movie marathon, so we decided to watch Star Wars, Episodes 1-6 over the course of the three days. At first, this seemed a little daunting, but it worked out perfectly and we even finished ahead of schedule! I am a huge nerd and absolutely adore Star Wars as does my sister and father so we had an amazing time! It was an excellent way to spend a weekend and some much needed downtime after a tiring week. 
The perfect outfit for a movie marathon is comfortable jeans, a tshirt, and tennis shoes. I always shower and put on something other than pajamas so I feel like a real person and don't melt into the couch. What are your favorite movies to marathon? XO 


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