A perfect summer outfit

Good morning! I love Mondays because I always have off work. Yesterday was an especially good Monday because my sister is finally out of school and we are both home. So, we had sister date day as we call it. Basically it is just an excuse to hang out and get Starbucks, which is always fun. We had a great time and I tried something new st Starbucks- a blackberry mojito tea lemonade. It wasn't very sweet, just minty and refreshing. Definitely something to try if you like mint! What do you do for fun on your days off? XO

Sunglasses, Necklace: I love these colored bead because they add that extra pop of color, Top: this top is cut a little weird, but it is great for hot summer days, Shorts: the perfect summer shorts, Shoes: I love these shoes because your toes peak through. They are also extremely comfortable, Purse: This was my big Christmas present this year. It is a vintage Chanel bag that my parents got pretty reasonably at an auction, Bracelet: from J.Crew, a great sparkly staple