Food Bloggers + Cannoli = the perfect day in Rome

One of my favorite things in this world is food; I love cooking, eating, anything to do with food and yesterday really fostered this passion. A food and lifestyle blogger, Eleanora Baldwin, came and talked to our class about her career, food writing, travel writing, and food in general. She gave us many great tips for finding restaurants and gave us quite a few restaurant recommendations that I am dying to try!
After Eleanora’s talk, we were all predictably hunger, so a couple of us headed to one of her suggestions- a family run, true Italian restaurant, that just happens to be spitting distance form the Pantheon. Despite it’s location, this restaurant is the opposite of touristic, probably because they require a reservation for most customers. Happily, we arrived right when it was opening so we were able to squeeze in without a reservation. The food was authentic Italian and my spaghetti all’aglio olio e peperocino was spicy and delicious. 

My lunch and Eleanor inspired me to go on a Google adventure and find some of the best restaurants in Rome because despite the stereotype, you can definitely find bad food in Rome. My first mission on my Google adventure was to find real cannoli in Italy. I am spoiled at home because our local Italian market is run by a Sicilian family (where cannoli are originally from) and our cannoli are always fresh and delicious. So, my cannoli standards are very high. After a little research, I found a Sicilian bakery here in Trastevere. Part two of the adventure was finding the bakery, which actually proved to be very easy. Upon arrival at the bakery, we pointed and asked for our cannoli with chocolate. They filled the shells right in front of us and then dipped the ends in chocolate chips. To say the least, these cannoli were incredibly fresh and just as delicious. My expectations were far surpassed and I am definitely going to become a regular by the end of the month! Thanks for the inspiration Eleanora!