An Ironic Living Situation

 Rome always seemed like the perfect place for me to study because I love art and Bernini is one of my favorite artists. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was an extremely prolific sculptor and his masterpieces can be seen all over Rome in churches, piazzas, and museums. One does not have to look far to find Bernini’s mark on this town.
While I am here, I am staying at a study abroad specific complex called the Pantheon Institute in Trastevere where student apartments surround a beautiful garden courtyard. In the middle of our garden oasis is what remains of a fountain. The basin itself is intact and there is evidence of a central sculpture of some type. This fountain has been an intriguing source of entertainment from the beginning as my roommates and I wondered about its original design and purpose.

However, a couple days ago everything fell into place as our questions were answered. One of my roommates ran into our host in the garden. She asked about the fountain only to discover that the original statue was a Bernini! The statue had recently been moved to a museum and there were supposedly plans to put a replica in the garden. Our host was not convinced by the government’s claim that they would supply a replica. Anyways, upon hearing this, all I could think was how ironic it is that I have been running around Rome searching for Bernini’s and there used to be one in my backyard!