The Rain in Spain continues in Seville

Hello from Spain! That saying from My Fair Lady, "The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain", is definitely true for Seville because it rained all last night and for a good part of today. Although it stopped us from going out this morning, we braved the weather during a sunning moment this afternoon and made it to the Alcazar Palace and Gardens. This is such an interesting complex because it has three different types of unique architecture that are still able to mesh together and create a beautiful palace that is still used by the royal family. After exploring the palace and the gardens and fighting to stay ahead of the rain, we had a relaxing afternoon siesta and paella for dinner! Tomorrow, it is off to Granada for more Spanish adventures! XO
View of the Palace Facade

The Gardens 
The Maidens' Courtyard

Another view of the Cathedral and Bell Tower from yesterday

Paella for dinner