The Perfect Pizza

After visiting Italy twice already this semester, I should be an expert on pizza. But what makes the perfect pizza? Is it the crust? The cheese? Here is my guide on the perfect pizza after going on a pizza adventure through Italy.

Let's start with crust. I love crust and I am definitely a carb girl so having a good crust is important to me. Italian pizza normally includes a thin crust under the actual pizza and then a bigger, delicious crust on the outside. I think the key to this is having the part under the cheese and everything be thin, but thick enough to support your pizza. Then the outside crust should be big enough to enjoy, but not quite deep-dish size. If that makes sense :) 

Ok sauce. I was one of those weird children who didn't like a lot of normal food and one of the foods on the no list was tomato sauce. So I'm not a huge fan. But when tomato sauce was homemade twenty minutes ago with fresh tomatoes, I try and make an exception :) My rule is, if the pizza is going to be homemade, then sauce is good, but you don't want so much it over takes the pizza. Otherwise, I am a no sauce/ light sauce kind of girl! 

Cheese is pretty vital to a pizza and it is definitely something that can be messed up. Personally I like a mix of cheese, preferably Parmesan and mozzarella. This mix is made even better when it is fresh, buffalo mozzarella. But that is a little picky :) so as long as you have a good mix and not too much cheese, but enough to cover the pizza. 

At home, I always get Hawaiian pizza, which is pineapple and ham. However, that isn't really an option in Italy. I think that with a real, good quality pizza (basically all of the pizza in Italy) you don't even need toppings. Sometimes margarita pizzas are just the way to go. On the other hand, instead of pepperoni, they use spicy salami, which is very good and I would definitely recommend that. So lots of options depending on your mood.
Hopefully this didn't make you too hungry or you can at least find some good pizza wherever you are. If you have any thoughts on the perfect pizza or great places to eat pizza, I would love to hear about them! XO