Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hello! So the lovely Jordan of Worrellwind Adventures nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! She's super sweet like that :) So thank you so much Jordan!! 

Anyways, here are the rules...
- Link to the blogger who nominated you and say thanks.
- Nominate blogs that you find a joy to read.
- Link to the nominees and tell them about the nomination.
- Include the award logo in your blog post.
- Answer the ten questions listed below. 

Alright so let's get started :)

1. What's your favorite color? 
Ok, so my favorite color in general is purple, has been since I was 4 years old. It is also conveniently my birth stone. However, my favorite colors to wear are navy and pink, not necessarily together. I also really enjoy blue and green in general, but my favorite is definitely purple especially that deep eggplant purple or lavender. 

2. What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a camel. I have loved camels for years because they are awesome and roam the desert doing cool things. Then I rode a camel, and as terrifying as that was, they are still so majestic and awesome! 

3. What is your favorite nonalcoholic drink?
My favorite drink in general, alcoholic or not, is tea. I am obsessed with tea. I drink hot tea (Earl Grey) like no bodies business and I could always go for a big glass of sweet tea! 

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
At this point, probably Twitter because I have just recently joined the Twitter band wagon. I am annoyed with Facebook at the moment and Twitter is such a great way to get quick news or article headlines. 

5. What is your favorite pattern?
Ugh, how do I decide?! Clothing wise, definitely plaid, I am obsessed with flannel. But I also really love anything polka dotted or cheetah print! Also, my mom just recently introduced me to toile for decorating so I'm obsessed with that right now too! 

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?
I mean, if we are being completely honest, I love getting presents. But I also really love giving gifts that are personal and mean something. This year for Christmas, we gave my mom a portrait of my sister and I, and it was so nice to do something for someone else and make someone else happy. So I love both :) 

7. What is your favorite number?
My favorite number is 24 because it is my birthday, but also fits in with a lot of my OCD tendencies like it is even and 2,3 and 4 all go into it evenly. Also it's pretty. 

8. What is your favorite day of the week?
Unlike everyone else, I really love Mondays. It is like a clean slate every week to start off on the right foot and be very productive and to just have a great week. I always feel like I get more done on Monday then any other days. On Mondays, there are endless possibilities for what the week will hold.

9. What is your favorite flower?
I love hydrangeas. We had hydrangeas growing up and they are just so beautiful! I am also a fan of lilies and peonies.  

10. What is your passion? 
My passions are fashion and art history. Obviously I like fashion because I have a fashion blog and I like nice clothes, but I am also very interested in design and marketing as well as how fashion and women are portrayed in the media and what that is doing to our society. On the other side, I love art! I am very interesting in learning about art and artists and seeing the art in museums. Art is such an interesting reflection of the society it is created in and artists are such interesting people. 

And here are my five nominations! 

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